When I Say I Love You…

I will tell you I love you in the moments I mean it most,
When the sun has set
And you are draped in darkness
And distractions cease to be.

I love you.

When you are just waking up,
Pillow wrinkles on your face,
Sun peeking through the curtains unto your skin,
Hair going in a million different ways.

I love you.

When you are cooking your favorite meal,
And you pour yourself some wine,
You use the finest ingredients,
And take your time when you arrange your plate.

I love you.

When you are sick and want to stay in bed,
I will make you a caldo,
I will wrap you in blankets,
And I will even get you 7up.

I love you.

When you are in the shower,
You are gasping for air
As the water runs down your face,
Straight down your torso,
O, my, how tempting it is to –

I love you.

When everyone else has left,
And you are all that remains,
All I have is you,
You carry me throughout the day,
My spirit is thankful for you.

Body, I love you.

Lipstick Warrior

Lipstick Warrior; she called to me as I lined my lips with a sharp red wine
Then she called me a Chingona & I called her Divine
I winged my eyeliner as she spoke to me in prose
I kissed her lips gently, and my temperature slightly rose

I wore my studded jacket as she wore her fitted dress
She ran her soft hands through my wild hair and started to confess
“Dreams of you is all I have to share with you,
Sleep with me in my heart to cure my blues.”

I grazed her cheek softly with my labios rojos;
Whispered “Chicanas do not beg my dear, you are not a lobo,
We are Lipstick Warriors; Creatures of the Sun,
We are not made to be dull, we are made to stun.”

Her eyes locked with mine as I continued to speak
By the time I finished, her gaze had made my knees weak
She bit her lip and invited me inside of her
But I refuse to turn this encounter into just another sexual blur

So I’ll wait a few nights until I know it’s true
I won’t let her or myself feel used
Our sexualities are not a fetish as they’ve been led to be
We don’t have to fuck like they do in the industry

Porque las Chicanas son apasionadas
Amando con todo then ending up borrachas
Be careful who you love, honey they could break your spirit
Don’t settle for anyone who treats you less than a Warrior Princess

I rest my chin on her shoulder and start to explain
“Love is earned when you stay day after day.
Love yourself first, and the rest becomes clearer in time,
But trust me, baby, sex is never the answer to life.”

She grabbed my hands on placed them around her sweet face
I’m thrilled to be in the presence of her sweet grace
I could taste an imperial stout on her dark brown lips
My kind of woman, who drinks only the best alcoholic shit.

As her tight red curls press against my wild brown hair
I think of the sweet honey nights she, and I will share
We are an ethereal mix of Cabernet Sauvignon and Dark Chocolate;
A Lipstick Warrior and A Poetic Latinx Goddess.