A Homegirl’s Guide to Dating in the 21st Century

Navigating Your Heart: A Homegirl’s Guide to Dating in the 21st Century is an ambitious idea of mine which partly came to life through Girls P.A.C.T. workshops. This self-published 4-part zine’s goal is to help young female-identified folks get to know themselves, learn boundaries, learn about what love can mean, learn different types of love, identify red flags, and get out of toxic relationships. Since the idea was birthed, 2 zines have been completed and published: Love & Lust (not listed here) and I Before U(s), presented below. The idea originated while taking a class, “Act to End Sexualized Violence” in March 2014. For our final project, the Professor asked up create something tangible the community could use to combat patriarchy, sexualized violence and intimate partner violence. And that, my friends, is where and when Navigating Your Heart: A Homegirl’s Guide to Dating in the 21st Century was born.

This zine was used in conjunction with Girls P.A.C.T. workshops whose mission is to prevent unplanned pregnancy and educate young people in practicing safe sex and maintaining healthy relationships.

Full Scope of Navigating Your Heart: A Homegirl’s Guide to Dating the 21st Century:
1. Love Versus Lust: Examines the differences between lust and love, and explains different types of love and theories about love.
2. I Before U(s): Explores identity and creating boundaries.
3. Hookups & Heartbreaks: Unpacks casual sex and how to heal, or move on after a breakup.
4. Saying No: Deconstructs the cycle of violence, red flags for abusive or toxic behavior, and details how to make plans to get out of dangerous situations.

(c) Nikki “Lola” Hernandez. All Rights Reserved. You do not have permission to print, or reproduce this zine without the author’s permission.

Brain Chemistry.

I come from a long line of dopamine addicts. A long line of rapid firing neurons, all predisposed to love the feelings of: romance, sex, drugs, and food. We are a group of Hedonists: those who live to enjoy the pleasures in life. And it’s so strong in our bloodline, that some of us balance a fine line between insanity and reality every time we indulge. But that doesn’t stop us. We are not afraid to cross that line – that boundary that separates the mentally healthy, from the mentally disturbed. Because we love the rush of the teeter totter – up and down, up and down, and finally… SMACK! A dopamine imbalance knocks you off your ass. And what does one do after that? Create a Zine and call it Brain Chemistry – obviously.

We can’t control what our brains were born with, but we can shape it, edit it, unlearn things, learn new things, and reframe bad habits. And we can create art to show the world what it feels like to live inside of our brains.

Thank you.