My name is Lola Hernandez, and I’m a writer. I write mostly personal essays about my experiences with gender oppression, romantic relationships, addiction, and mental health issues. I also write short fiction stories that fall along the lines of fantasy, romance, and magical realism.

I began my journey as a writer by starting as a poet and performing spoken word at local open mics and poetry readings across Los Angeles. As I developed my craft, I realized I wanted to write bigger, more impactful stories. This blog serves as my arena where I can share bigger, more impactful stories that I don’t feel comfortable sharing anywhere else.

You being here means the world; thank you for sharing this virtual storytelling space with me.

I studied Psychology at Humboldt State University, where I started writing passionately about women’s issues and resisting oppression, namely patriarchy.

I’ve been published in magazines, appeared in podcasts, and have made a special appearance on local TV thanks to my poems. My first essay, “Sixteen and Pregnant: the Untelevised Reality,” was published on

When I am not writing something new, I read books, learn about astrology and magic, watch sci-fi TV, and manage my online bookshop. I live in Gardena, California, with two bunnies and two cats. I am a proud Mexicana and a member of the queer community.


Radical Clothes Swap; content/social media strategist, assist with organizing and hosting free clothes swaps around the Los Angeles area | @radicalclothesswap

WSS Shoes. Style. Selection; writing company-wide newsletters, creating training guides + programs, managing copy, and improving SEO across eCommerce site |

PIECES Arts; mentoring, collaborating with other members on art projects, hosting events, and curating shows for myself and other members |

Girls P.A.C.T.; empowering girls aged 12-24 to practice safe sex, and healthy boundaries to pursue their life goals through educational and interactive zines |

Boys & Girls Club of Venice; creating workshop content for educators, facilitating workshops for high school students, and hosting organizational events |

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