Muy Chingona

I learn my lessons like any other Chingona
I learn them hard and I learn them rough
I may scrape my knees, but man, am I tough

I fall and tumble but I get right back up
because there ain’t no use in crying over wasted years,
those are gone, but at least I still have beer.

I write just like any other Chillona.
I let myself cry it out for hours, chain smoking,
drinking my alcohol, blasting rancheras and singing.

Just like any other Chingona,
I ask the universe for signs, pray to God,
Follow the stars and forgive myself for truths untold
To the people I have hurt in this world.

Just like any other Chingona,
I fight with myself because I am not accepting of my imperfections,
Because I haven’t deciphered the Universe’s lessons,
Because I am still learning from my depression.

Because I am a Chingona I love deep.
I think too much into signs and I fall hard,
But man am I good at making love,
Because I am passionate
Just like any other Chingona,
And I don’t leave anyone behind,
Only those who ain’t worthy of my time.

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