Summer Lover

A once in a lifetime lover
The woman will always be loved
By your mother
The kind of woman your father
wishes his son could marry
The kind of woman who is always ready

But she’s not the woman he wants to love
She’s a once in a lifetime lover
The risk with her is always too much
The kind of woman that will love without regrets
She’s the life of the party
With pretty boys who are just friends
But she wont make you question her loyalty
Cause the boys and girls have always been consumed by her beauty

She’s the kind of woman who loves to laugh
A charismatic lover
The kind of woman everyone naturally gravitates to
You cant help but want to know her
But he will mistake this for flirting
Insecure individuals never make good for courting

He will never love her passed the summer
And she will get over him in the winter
But not before she tries and tries
To understand why
She was only a summer lover

Come spring time
She would have found herself again
Radiating light and beauty from every inch of her skin
Her confidence intoxicates the egos of every man
Like flies they stick
To remnants of molasses
As she’s redefining her sweetness
These men just want to take advantage
Summer’s coming ’round again
But she’s not the lover she was back then

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